Alligator Gar Fishing Trips Texas

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Lets Go Fishing - I Go After the Big Ones

There is nothing like spending the day on the water and fishing. I specialize in finding huge trophy sized Alligator Gar. All you need is your Texas fishing license found here: Texas Parks & Wildlife Licenses Online

Over 35 years ago I caught my first Alligator Gar when I was 11 years old on a 6ft long rake handle, 125lb Dacron line and a 2ft steel leader with a 6 /o hook (SERIOUSLY). I caught the gar about 3 miles from my parent’s home at Sims Bayou in Houston Texas.

Since that time I have caught and my clients have caught more Alligator Gar than I can remember. I have taken many gar over 200lbs that’s right OVER 200lbs from many quality gar spots in Texas such as the well know Trinity river, as well as Choke Canyon, Nueces River, Frio River, Falcon Lake, Amistad Lake and other lesser known locations.

I can proudly say that I have caught more GIANT Alligator Gar from more places around Texas and have more years of experience than probably any other single individual Alligator gar guide in Texas. I now catch gar for clients from all around the globe. With this said I would be proud to take you out to catch you a living prehistoric dinosaur, the ALLIGATOR GAR!!!

Another Happy Client
He Got His Alligator Gar

Catch & Release Fishing Trips

All catch and release Alligator Gar fishing trips start at $650.00 for up to three (3) anglers and only $100.00 more for each additional angler for a maximum of eight anglers (8) for 8 hours on the water.

Non-fishing guests are $50.00 each.

Rod and Reel Gar Trip Deposit: $200.00

Rod & Reel Alligator Gar Trip - Pay in Full

    3 Anglers: $650.00
    4 Anglers: $750.00
    5 Anglers: $850.00 Extra Anglers: $100.00 Each

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