Alligator Gar Rod & Reel Fishing Trips Texas

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Single day / night and multi-day rod & reel Alligator Gar fishing trips
are available throughout Texas.

Guided Rod & Reel Alligator Gar fishing trips

Over 35 yrs of experience

I’m not a “weekend” fishing guide, sport angling for Alligator Gar is my life. If the Gar aren’t biting in one spot I will take you to another to make sure your trip is a successful one with plenty of giant Alligator Gar. My number 1 goal is to try and find you the largest Alligator Gar in the water. There is nothing like hooking into a 200lb+ alligator gar!

For over 35 years I have been rod & reel fishing Alligator Gar in all of the Texas water bodies (lakes & rivers). Because of my years of experience, I can offer you some of the best rod & reel fishing that Texas has to offer when it comes to going after Alligator Gar. Come down and enjoy the guided fishing trip of a lifetime exploring the lakes, rivers & bayous of Texas looking for an Alligator Gar to hook.

My number 1 goal on every rod & reel fishing trip is for you to reel in a giant river monster style Alligator Gar from the rivers I fish and I specialize in finding the trophy Alligator Gar’s. Like any good fishing guide in Texas I know the Trinity river, as well as Choke Canyon, Nueces River, Frio River, Falcon Lake, Amistad Lake and other lesser known locations that are my secret hot fishing spots.

On just about any day of the year I can take you rod & reel fishing for Alligator Gar. Rod and reel fishing for Gar (or as the Europeans call Alligator Gar: Gar Pike). No matter if you are experienced or a complete novice at angling with a rod & reel. Once I find a good spot the fishing can get exciting fast.

Finding Giant Alligator Gar

There are certain places that Alligator Gar (as Europeans call them "Gar Pike') prefer in the various rivers in Texas and I know all of them. As a lifelong resident of Texas and having fished for Alligator Gar for over 35 years. I caught my first Alligator Gar when I was 11 years old on a 6ft long rake handle, 125lb Dacron line and a 2ft steel leader with a 6 /o hook (SERIOUSLY). That rake handle was straight out of my Dad’s shed and there was just me and the Dracron line with no reel taking on my first Alligator Gar. Thinking back to how huge Alligator Gar get and how they can drag my boat… it was definitely a great outcome for me as just a lil kid.

Family Friendly Fishing Trips

On vacation in Texas or schools out or just wondering "what to do in Texas" with your family? Rod & Reel fishing for Alligator Gar is a great way to spend time with your family. Catch & release fishing is a great way to teach your children the importance of conservation. Texas state law allows you to keep 1 Alligator Gar caught with a rod & reel. I personally prefer to catch and release all Alligator Gar back into the water. Almost every Alligator Gar in the pictures on this site was released back into the water with the exception of trophy catches. Alligator Gar don't move much once out of the water which is why it is easy to get great pictures of your catch before releasing them.

I never get tired of seeing a kid for the first time hauling in their first Alligator Gar (with assistance by me or Mom or Dad) being coached by Mom or Dad and the look on their face when they see what they caught. Create memories that will be talked about for years to come while spending time on the water on a beautiful Texas day.

Guided Fishing Trips

My boat can hold up to 8 anglers. I WILL PUT YOU ON THE FISH and show you a good time doing it. Come rod & reel fishing with your friends, family or business associates / clients. Bring a smile, your camera, sunscreen and I will create unforgettable memories for everyone and yourself. Or if you happen to be alone, you are more than welcome. My passion is fishing and I welcome anyone who chooses to see how incredible rod & reel fishing can be in Texas.

No matter if you are either coming to Texas for a business meeting or have clients coming in. Don’t bother with the boring old business lunch or dinner. And not everyone travels with golf clubs so golf is out. Invite your business associates out for a day on the water. It’s a great way to get to know them and by having them out on the water all day chances are high that you will seal the deal along with some good fishing. There might be some talk about the “one” that got away but it won’t be your business relationship. No more "what to do" or "how to entertain business clients".

I also welcome bachelor parties. What better way to celebrate your upcoming day than spending it out on the water with your closest friends and family?

Ask about Rod & Reel Fishing in my Airboat

There is nothing like the feel of riding in an Airboat. We just glide over the water and can reach speeds that will take your breath away, or go slower if it is too intense for you. Airboats can get to fishing spots that a regular boat cannot. I had my Airboat custom built to my specifications.